165 Allen Street
165 Allen Street, New York, NY 165 Allen Street, New York, NY 165 Allen Street, New York, NY 10002 Residential

A 6 story mixed-use building in the Lower East Side for a small developer. The design seeks to be both contemporary and contextual in its response to the surrounding buildings

After the developer acquired the site, we undertook a Concept Design study looking at options to maximize the site’s value.

The site is sandwiched between the bars and restaurants of the Lower East Side and the more expensive residential district of Soho. A scheme which maximizes the retail / hospitality area with loft-style apartments above was identified to offer the greatest financial returns.

The site’s relatively tight dimensions (24.5’ x 88’) and the setback requirements force a prescriptive zoning envelope which can be creatively utilized to provide a series of terraces for a duplex penthouse and a series of full-floor lofts at Levels 3 - 4.

The restaurant space would utilize the full lot area. A glass skylight over the rear space creates a special atmosphere for guests.

Project Details >

  • Status: Design
  • Date: January 3, 2015
  • Project Number: 032
  • Client: Pambar Realty
  • Area: 10,000 square feet
  • Martin Hopp Architect Project Team:
    • Martin Hopp

      Frank Lau

  • Design Team: