40 W 22nd St.
40 West 22nd St., New York, NY 40 West 22nd St., New York, NY 40 W 22nd St., New York, NY 10010 Residential

Renovation of a full floor apartment in Chelsea for a large family who wanted to have elements of nature and surprising color within their home

This project is being developed in conjunction with a design + build contractor for a client who had recently taken possession of this large full floor apartment. The client wants to upgrade the apartment systems including HVAC and electrical as well increasing the quality of the finishes. Through discussions it was agreed the design should try to increase the sense of delight and surprise as the apartment afforded great opportunities which were currently under-utilized. It was felt design had the potential to significantly increase the value of the apartment as well as creating a more enjoyable place to live.

We divided the apartment into 3 zones: bedrooms and bathrooms; storage spaces; and living areas including kitchen, dining and office. The bedroom and living area zones are decorated in a calming simple grey palette of stone, metal mesh and bleached wood, while the storage zone has a palette of strong CMYK colored finishes.

The colorful areas have a minimal impact on the main spaces as a whole, but when experienced independently, they have a powerful impact and come as a surprise within the overall elegance and simplicity of the apartment.

Project Details >

  • Status: Proposed
  • Date: August 1, 2006
  • Project Number: 008
  • Client: Robert Jenny:┬árepresentative for a private client
  • Area: 3,500 square feet
  • Martin Hopp Architect Project Team:
    • Martin Hopp

  • Design Team: