Brooklyn Ascend High School
1501 Pitkin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 1501 Pitkin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 1501 Pitkin Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11212 Educational

A fit-out of 2 floors of a Charter school within a working school to complete their masterplan

We collaborated with Kitchen & Associates and Andersen-Miller Design to fit-out two floors totaling 49,700 square feet and renovate specific areas on two other floors at Brooklyn Ascend High School. The building was originally built in 2008 by a developer for Ascend Public Charter Schools from within the shell of a 1930’s theater and contains enough space to accommodate a Lower, Middle and High school. Each of the three schools has a separate entrance on the ground floor. There is also a large supermarket on the ground floor of the building.

As the construction work for the High school was to principally take place on two discrete floors, it was possible to completely separate the construction work from school activities. Thus the work was able to take place throughout the school year. During times when the school was holding exams the construction team were required to only undertake activities which made no noise such as painting and flooring work. This involved careful coordination with the contractor and the school administrators to ensure that the schedule was met and there were no delays or disturbances to the commencement of school.

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