Bushwick Ascend Lower School
751 Knickerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, NY 751 Knickerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, NY 751 Knickerbocker Ave. Brooklyn, NY 11221 Educational

Exterior renovations of a Charter school to upgrade the exterior systems and minimize future maintenance costs

After having worked on a number of projects with Ascend Public Charter Schools, we were approached to assist in the completion of a major renovation project on a building for Bushwick Ascend Lower School. The roof and exterior of the building leaked, so we developed a masterplan and construction documents for the complete renovation of the exterior walls and roof.

In conjunction with Simpson Gumpertz & Heger we undertook a review of the current building systems before preparing a masterplan report which outlined all the problems with the existing building. Since construction was only possible in the summer recess, a design and documentation schedule was put together that allowed for an expedited completion so that the project could be bid out and a contractor quickly appointed.

Project Details >

  • Status: Design
  • Date: November 25, 2015
  • Project Number: 042
  • Client: Ascend Public Charter Schools, Susan Pollock, Dejan Ilich, Anthony Lanzi
  • Martin Hopp Architect Project Team:
    • Martin Hopp

      Frank Lau

      Stephen Rafferty, Jr.

  • Design Team: