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Working with Sofive, we developed a kit-of-parts that can be used to convert existing buildings into indoor soccer facilities. The kit-of-parts is a menu of design elements that can be adapted to specific locations to convert facilities efficiently.

Sofive is an indoor soccer operator that has locations across the United States. The company re-fits existing structures like warehouses and manufacturing plants to create indoor soccer clubs that have pitches, social areas, and support spaces. This kit-of-parts was developed as an optimized design prototype that could be flexibly deployed with consideration to its location, greatly improving efficiency for future projects and their construction process, while keeping a consistent brand expression across them all.

The kit-of-parts was designed as a framework that could evolve over time to incorporate new elements and best practices as more facilities were fit out. Working collaboratively with Sofive over years, we have continually refined the kit-of-parts and rolled it out according to their business model plan. The system also offers brand consistency across all locations.

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  • Status: 项目已完成
  • Date: 二月 8, 2018
  • Project Number: 004