448 W 37th St.
448 West 37th St., New York, NY 448 West 37th St., New York, NY 448 W 37th St., New York, NY 10010 Residential

An apartment for a young couple who want a simple environment which mixes artistic experiences with functional living

We won a competitive interview process with a young couple who had recently purchased a loft-style apartment of approximately 1,100 square feet. While they loved the wide open simplicity of the existing space, they were eager to create a more sophisticated home from it. The space has a ceiling height of 12’ 6” with a sleeping platform at the rear of the space that had been built without a permit and without meeting Code requirements.

Our design removes the raised platform and places the kitchen within an open area against the large expanse of windows.

The main new element throughout the project will be a Dinesen wood plank floor which will run a beautiful texture throughout the space. Two planted wall elements will be built into the south facing wall to bring a large, natural textural element into the main open space. The entrance to the apartment has black walls and ceiling, with artworks reminiscent of stars hanging above the entry hallway. The kitchen is conceived of as two cabinets with a table and is of the utmost simplicity.

The client’s passion for the work of Donald Judd, and interest in minimalism has helped maintain a high level of quality in the project, especially in regards to finishes. One particular feature the clients were keen to incorporate into the project was a recessed niche surrounding one of the planted wall elements. In the living room, this recess acts as a framing element to the green planted wall, while in the bedroom on the opposite side of the wall, light is let in through a carefully designed gap in the drywall layers. As well as natural light, a strip of recessed LED lighting is incorporated. This feature was inspired largely by the work of the visual artist James Turrell.

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  • Status: Construction
  • Date: February 5, 2015
  • Project Number: 033
  • Client: Jay Dawdy and Grace Yang
  • Area: 1,100 square feet
  • Martin Hopp Architect Project Team:
    • Martin Hopp

      Frank Lau

      Stephen Rafferty, Jr.

  • Design Team:
  • Contractor: