Martin Hopp established the office in New York City in 2013.

We are a design-led practice, focusing on ‘creating great experiences’ through collaborating closely with clients and construction teams. We blend a background of European design and American project management skills to create distinctive spatial experiences through a detailed understanding of the architectural process.

Each design is approached from a fresh perspective and we begin by meeting and listening carefully to the client in order to build a clear picture of their ambitions and functional requirements. Building a strong working relationship with the client team is fundamental to our development of the project and understanding the full range of issues attached to the successful delivery of the project from the client team’s perspective is key. We undertake a rigorous analysis of the client's program before developing conceptual diagrams that communicate clearly the ideas we think best solve the specifics of each project. We continue to communicate with and listen to the client’s ideas as we develop the concept into a detailed design through a meticulous, process-driven methodology which seeks input from all stakeholders. The resultant designs balance functionality with moments of delight and joy.

With excellent strategic thinking skills and architectural expertise, we produce buildings with a distinctive identity which not only satisfy, but exceed our clients’ expectations.

The practice has quickly established a strong portfolio of built projects in three main typologies: commercial, educational, and residential. In particular, we have completed a body of educational work where tight schedules and even tighter budgets have driven a close collaborative approach between the client, contractor and design team where simple gestures and a detailed focus on quality communicate an unusually high level of finish for this genre of building.

Case Studies

We work in a range of typologies, with a consistent architectural approach: listening to the client’s needs and then developing a detailed analysis of the program, client’s budget and schedule. We have selected a set of projects to present as detailed case studies where we can highlight the unique features of each project, and the common elements of approach found in all our projects.

Central Brooklyn Ascend Lower School

A renovation of an existing school in Brooklyn, working with a Charter School group passionate about their students’ learning environment, to fulfill their goals under exacting circumstances.

-PARTNERSHIP between architect, client and contractor

-EXECUTION within and around limitations

brightspot Headquarters

An office renovation for a strategy consultancy that emphasizes the collaborative nature of the design process.

-PROGRAM data analysis transformed into meaningful space

-PROCESS of developing a project

250 West 24th Street #GBE

A unique and compact apartment provides the opportunity to create the perfect one bedroom unit with adaptable spaces defined in part through a refined palette of white materials and white oak paneling.

-DESIGN enriching a space

-RESEARCH as part of experimentation

Installations and Material Studies

Being fully engaged with our profession and all the currents running through it in the forms of emerging technologies, ideas, and practices, we constantly seek opportunities to improve our knowledge and abilities through small, modest, material studies, and high-profile art installations.

-DIGITAL FABRICATION affords new possibilities for design and production

-DEVELOPING experience beyond the traditional grounds of the profession